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wedi Sealant & Fasteners

Glue and apply 100% seal at the same time

wedi Joint Sealant is a single component Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) for use in wedi product system installations as specified in installation manuals. The product is especially formulated for high green strength (high internal strength), adhesion in wet and alkaline environments, and permanent flexibility.  

Application & Benefits

  • Place nozzle/tip into joint and fill as required in installation manuals. Maintain consistent and continuous beads.
  • Compress internal joint applications between wedi products to be sealed. Tool topically applied sealant over seams using a putty knife.
  • Recommended application temperatures: 41°F – 95°F (5°C – 35°C)
  • For best performance, sealants and adhesives should be applied to a joint at the midpoint of its designed expansion-contraction cycle.
  • Elastic adhesive for wedi Building Panels and Showers
  • Waterproof adhesion
  • Solvent, Isocyanate and PVC free
  • Neutral and odorless curing
  • Up to 220% elongation
  • Allows for dissipation of stress caused by shock vibration or thermal movement
  • Performs better than traditional sealing tape or mesh with thinset in terms of water protection and stress movement protection

Available Sizes

wedi Sealants

Product CodeProduct SizeProduct UseCase Quantity
US5000013Joint Sealant 10.5 oz. Cartridge wedi shower system12 cartridges
US5000013Joint Sealant 20 oz. Sausage wedi shower system 24 sausages
US5000083Sealant 620 20 oz. Sausagewedi Vapor 85 and wedi Subliner Dry20 sausages
US5000088 Sealant 620 10.5 oz. Cartridge wedi Vapor 85 and wedi Subliner Dry 12 cartridges

wedi Sealant Accessories

Product CodeProduct Size
US5000019wedi Sausage Gun
US5000020wedi Sausage Gun Replacement Tip
US5000044wedi Corner Putty Knife

wedi Fasteners

Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct Information
US5000070Wedi Fastener Kit 100 ct.1-5/8″ wedi screws and wedi washer with tabs
US5000009 Wedi Metal Washer with Tabs 1000 ct. 1-1/4″ galvanized steel wedi washer with tabs
US5000012 Wedi Screws 1000 ct. 1-5/8″ non-rust, coarse thread, ceramic coated screws
US5000018 Wedi Self-Tapping Screws 100 ct. 1-1/4″ fine thread, ceramic coated screws for metal studs


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